Good Bye Crack!

During one of the STOPP substance abuse groups,  we held a contest and asked group members to submit a break-up letter to their drug of choice or to their addiction as a whole. We received four entries. This is one of the letters….Show your love by leaving a like or a comment!!

“Dear Crack Cocaine, 

It started out as fun. When you came into my life I had no worries, no pain, and I didn’t care about family or friends. You made me feel happy all the time. Nothing lasts forever and something changed. I lost my apartments and spent all my money on you. I hit bottom and I hated myself. So one day I said “That’s enough.” I picked myself up and threw you out of my life. Now today I can say I love myself and you cannot have me anymore! 


Your ex.”

Do I have a problem? When is it too much?

Nothing is a problem until it becomes a problem, right?  But what are we talking about? Sleep? Alcohol? Gambling? Drugs? Alcohol?
If drugs and alcohol have got you in trouble here are some reasons why you should  consider substance abuse counseling…
  • Learn about addiction and recovery
  • Learn ways to cope with triggers and cravings.
  • Talk to someone during difficult times without any judgement.
  • Treat undiagnosed mental health conditions which may be feeding your  addiction such as depression or anxiety
  • Heal and strengthen relationships with family and friends
Whether you want to quit or just cut down using, talking to someone experienced who understands what you’re going through makes a huge difference.   What are you waiting for?  Take the first step now.   Call 305-576-1599 ext.3127 or 3117 and ask how we can assist….