Beat The Holiday Blues: 5 Simple Ideas

November and December are supposed to be the happiest months of the year, filled with celebration and joy. But are they? For some, stress, unrealistic expectations and even memories surrounding the holidays can trigger feelings of sadness, loneliness and anxiety, commonly known as the “holiday blues.” There’s no way to avoid or circumvent the holiday season, so what can you do?

The secret to beating the holiday blues is preparation. Arm yourself with a variety of coping skills. if plan A doesn’t work then be ready to use plan B. Here are 5 simple tips to help you through these months and beat the holiday blues….

1. Exercise. Hit the gym. Go for a walk at the park or even around the block. Try to be active for at least 30 minutes.

2. Plan ahead. Prioritize and manage your time accordingly. Make a schedule or a to-do-list. Pace yourself.

3. Stay away from alcohol and drugs, they tend to make you even more depressed in the long run.

4. Sleep at least 5-6 hours. Being tired can put you in a bad mood. Rest.

5. Attend Support groups. Socialize. Volunteer. Reach out to friends and family. Ask for help.

Remember your physical and mental well being come first. Try not to get caught up with “shoulds”… this should be like that, I should feel like that, that should be like this.

It will take some effort on your part to beat the holiday blues but who knows, you may find some holiday joy along the way. What do you think? Comment below…

Happy Holidays.

Author: Carmen Pineiro,LMHC

I am experienced in counseling individual's suffering from depression, anxiety, substance use, as well as those having relationship issues, and low self -esteem. My particular area of interest is with the LGBT community and those diagnosed with HIV.
In the therapy room, my first goal is to listen carefully to the individual sitting in front of me creating a supportive and comfortable environment to freely express themselves. Together, we will set goals for therapy and plan what will be accomplished in our sessions.  Your feedback is encouraged as this is the best tool to know if your goals are being met and progress is being made.

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