Am I Addicted?

There is no easy way to determine one is addicted.. Oftentimes warning signs are either not recognized or ignored. When dealing with addiction, we easily come up with excuses or rationalizations to explain our behavior and dig ourselves further into the hole. You tell yourself “I have it under control,” and “I can stop at any time.” And miss any warning sign that arises. It can take time and a multitude of consequences to begin to wonder “Am I using too much?”

If you began to wonder about how much you’re using and addictive behaviors, what follows will help you come to a conclusion and decide whether or not it is time to ask for professional help. Take a deep breath and honestly, ask yourself the following:

Does your life revolve mostly around drugs or alcohol?

Do you avoid family or friends who don’t use?

Do you feel uncomfortable if drugs or alcohol aren’t available?

Do you think of using all day?

Is it rough to get through the day without using?

Has your tolerance increased causing you to use more?

Have you missed work or school because you were too tired from using the night/day before?

Have you felt guilty or regretted something that happened while using?

Has a friend or loved one expressed concern or complained about your using?

Have you had legal problems due to your use?

If you answered “yes” to more than four questions, then you may have a problem with drugs or alcohol. It takes great strength and courage to face addiction. Admitting there is a problem is the first and most important step. Reaching out and asking for help is the next step.

If you are struggling with addiction, do not despair. You are not alone, there is hope. You can get back in control of your life and begin to live a substance free life. No matter how strong your willpower, you cannot defeat addiction on your own. You need an addiction treatment center that can provide you with the tools and support that you need to overcome the disease. The time is now to make that choice. What are you waiting for? Call 305-576-1599 ext. 3127 or 3117. One of our counselors are ready to answer any questions you may have and ready to offer the help you need. Call Now.

Author: Carmen Pineiro,LMHC

I am experienced in counseling individual's suffering from depression, anxiety, substance use, as well as those having relationship issues, and low self -esteem. My particular area of interest is with the LGBT community and those diagnosed with HIV.
In the therapy room, my first goal is to listen carefully to the individual sitting in front of me creating a supportive and comfortable environment to freely express themselves. Together, we will set goals for therapy and plan what will be accomplished in our sessions.  Your feedback is encouraged as this is the best tool to know if your goals are being met and progress is being made.

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